9 Januari 2013

Web Browser

What is Web Browser?

  • Web Browser is a software application used to enable computers users to locate and access web pages. 
  • Browsers translates the basic HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language) code that allows us to see images, text videos and listen to audios on websites, along with hyperlinks that let us travel to different web pages. 
  • The browser gets in contact with the web server and requests for information. 
  • The web server receives the information and displays it on the computer.

Types of Browser.
Internet Explorer (IE)
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
The Safari
There are many more, I just listed 5.


(Strength and Weaknesses)
Comparison between IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Internet Explorer
  • The most widely used Internet browser. 
  • The most common reason for being first is because it comes bundled with every version of Windows and users can simply update to new versions when they become available. 
  • Slowest than the others.
  • IE has the greatest amount of security vulnerabilities among these four browsers. IE became the target for virus because it was in ranking no.1 for the first most widely use of web browser.

Mozilla Firefox
  • The second widely used browser.
  • Has a wider selection of add-ons. 
  • Better at handling code errors and problems while loading a web page. 
  • Slow.
  • Also have the security issues although still not to the same degree as IE. 

Google Chrome
  • Third widely used browser but the most popular web browser. 
  • Easy to use and can run large application. 
  • Extremely fast. 
  • Also has a security problem but it safer than Mozilla Firefox and IE. 

  • Today less used web browser but most efficient. 
  • It is not as easily overloaded. 
  • Faster 
  • It is much safer against Malware than the other three Internet browsers because it has the lowest number of users. 

Statistic on Nov 2012

Based on the figure above, IE got the highest number of usage which is 43.2% followed by Mozilla Firefox with 22.4%. Google Chrome got the third which stated 18.4%. Safari only stated 3.8%

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